Can climate action really spark our economy?



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    I think it is what is truly needed to fix our economy. We are entering an age where energy resources are becoming more and more sought after by other countries. We need to diversify in that field from an economic standpoint. Of course by doing this, expanding solar, wind, and geothermal, we will be helping the climate situation by eliminating CO2. We are falling behind however to other countries like Germany and China, because our government continues to subsidize big oil interests, instead of the new green energy. In Germany, every energy utility company has to offer some sort of renewable energy to people they can buy. They are also required to allow residents to put energy back onto the grid. We have nothing like that here, which is why we are falling behind.

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    Innovative climate action – funding the development of alternative energy technologies – would likely spark economic growth through the creation of jobs and the potential development of exclusive technologies and information that could give the U.S. a much-needed competitive edge over foreign markets. 

    Other forms of climate action, like regulating industrial pollution emissions, hampers economic growth, according to many people.  The costs of implement certain safety standards and regulations (or the payment of hefty fines for pollution violations) is taxing on businesses and industries – particularly if government subsidizing is cut. 

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