Can cleen energy and green jobs fix our economy?



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    There’s much discussion on this topic, and answers are all over the place. Some people that clean energy and associated jobs will be a very healthy thing for the economy. I’m inclined to agree: in the long run, when our stocks of oil become depleted, renewable energies will actually be cheaper than conventional sources. Of course, in general, new jobs are crucial for economic health. There are some, however, who take the opposite view. Their logic is that the money we pour into green energy and jobs is far less efficient than that poured into conventional jobs. There are well educated and respected people on both ends; it is up to you to make your own decision.

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    If green-energy research receives more funding, more companies can be created for the manufacturing or research of more green products. More companies = more jobs. More jobs = more people employed, and thus more more money circulating in the economy. Increased economic activity means we are on our way out of this recession.

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    Yes, but it will take a considerable amount of time. However, more immediate relief can come from providing jobs (preferably in green sectors). More jobs equals more purchasing, which in turn brings about yet MORE jobs.

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