Can clean energy solve the climate change problem?



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    Certainly not; it is a far more complicated question than any single answer. Further more, ALL “clean” energies have trade-offs: mining neodymium to make wind turbines, buidling dams to create hydroelectric power, etc.

    If you want to make a difference, stop driving. And get a few hundred thousand of your friends to do so as well.

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    No, clean energy alone cannot solve climate change, nor can any other single alternative or option. There is no panacea or cure-all for anthropogenic climate change — to slow it down and build a more sustainable future for the planet, there need to be a number of various changes. Sure, clean energy is important and is a key factor in this, but it alone cannot “solve” climate change, nor can anything else alone (remember, solve is a strong word!).

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    If you replaced all systems using traditional energy with clean energy, it would prevent us from worsening the problem, but it wouldn’t reverse it right away — the issue is the greenhouse gas already in the air. If we stop hurting the environment, then eventually, nature may be able to regulate itself and stabilize, but if we want to “solve” the climate change problem, we will also have to take corrective measures to reduce greenhouse gas levels as well.

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