Can a civilization be built in Antarctica?



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    There is already a permanent human presence, albeit a small one, in Antarctica. Scott Base is a research settlement there, originally built in 1957 and currently operated by New Zealand. It houses up to 85 crew members in summer, and about a dozen over the winter.

    The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is an American research base located at the pole proper (well, 100 meters away) that has been continuously occupied since it was constructed in 1956. During the summer, a presence of about 200 staff is maintained; in winter, that number drops to around 40.

    So yes, Antarctica is capable of sustaining life. In the end, it’s probably not a very eco-friendly way to live, considering that the vast majority of their supplies have to be transported across long distances. Whether enough people would ever want to move there to found a larger city is a questionable proposition.

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