Can city cars succeed in America?



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    I definitely think so.  I would buy one.  At the very least, they will inspire more creative thinking with electric vehicles.  These things are cool: sideways motion for parallel parking, “O-turns”, 200 mpg.  The main obstacles, of course, would be our desire for power and size (in terms of safety).  But I imagine the perk of fitting it into a few-foot parking space would really appeal to some drivers.

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    There are many different markets in the US auto market place and “city” cars are successful in specific markets. In all the major cities in the US the percentage of small cars in incredibly high. It is only when you go to the suburbs or to rural areas that there is a large car presence. Cars like the Mini-Cooper or Smart Car are very prevalent in San Francisco. The fact that lots of people outside cities have large cars is actually a self fulfilling prophecy though, because the more people have large cars, the more other people think they need large cars to be safe on the road in case of a collision. 

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