Can chewing gum decompose in compost?



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    Good question, franceseugenia.  The base of chewing gum is not biodegradable, so it would not decompose in compost.  Check out the site below for a lot of good info on chewing gum and how it has become a problem in some areas.  The site, as you may see by the url, sells these chewing gum bins, where you discard your used gum.  I think my school could use one of them!

    Anyway, hope this helps!

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    Chewing gum is made from chicle, which is another form of rubber.  As stated earlier it is not biodegradable, but there is a new company that has come out with a biodegradable gum called Chicza rainforest gum.  This product is said to be able to decompose within six weeks, and is made from materials taken from the chicozapote tree in Mexico. 

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