Can cell phone radiation be a good thing?



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    Yes, actually recently cellphone radiation has been shown to reverse alzheimers in mice. This is a huge step forward in alzheimers research.

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    There is absolutely no way that cell phone radiation could be a good thing.  Radiation of any kind is very unhealthy for living organisms.  It is important to know that new studies completed in the summer of 2009 revealed some very negative findings:  radiation from cell phones is even more dangerous than previously believed.  People who spend a lot of time on cell phones increase their risk of brain tumors and other related problems astronomically.

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      actually, i’ve read these studies have been disproven. cell phone radiation is not alpha or beta radiation particles, it is electromagnetic. These waves may have beneficial properties if exploited correctly but have also been linked to overactive brain functions such as hallucinations, visual and auditory.

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