Can cartilage regenerate itself?



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    Cartilage generally cannot regenerate naturally in your body.  There is new research by the FDA which shows man-made methods of cartilage regeneration of chondrocytes cartilage cells.  This method is called Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation or ACI, where cartilage knee cells are taken and harvested, then replanted back into the knee for regeneration.

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    Cartilage can be regenereted using new form of non invasive, painless treatment called QMR THerapy.

    My Uncle underwent this therapy.

    You can check out the details at SBFHEALTHCARE.COM

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    Yes cartilage can regenerate itself but does so very slowly because it has no blood supply so the chondrocytes (living cells in the rubbery cartilage matrix)  hardly multiply unless stimulated. Stimulation can be done by stem cells, cells from holes drilled from the joint into the bone marrow, and cells purified and injected into the joint. The problem is you want cartilage that is strong and so far the cartilage that regenerates has been anything but. Research is being done to create a framework that will allow the chondrocytes to produce cartilage that can withstand the wear and tear of joint movement.

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