Can carbon credits be traded on the stock market?



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    No, not on the New York stock exchange. There is, however, the Chicago Climate Exchange, which is very much like the NYSE, but for creating a pollutant free environment.

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    As Rhathymia said, actual carbon credits do not trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Yet, you can trade them through the Chicago Climate Exchange.

    The commodity traded is a ‘carbon financial instrument’ or CFI. Each contract represents 100 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. 

    The Chicago Climate Exchange was founded in 2003 as a voluntary greenhouse gas reduction and offset trading platform. The intentions of the program is not to create a pollutant free environment, but rather to help businesses and markets prepare for potential regulations coming at international, federal, and regional levels. 

    For retail investors who may not be comfortable dealing in future contracts, there is opportunity to access the carbon market through the NYSE by buying an ETN (Electronically Traded Note) with carbon credit exposure. 

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