Can captive animals be released and survive in the wild?



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    in some cases yes, depending on various factors. Length and type of captivity, age & health of the animal and the environs it is being released into play roles in this scenario. And since captive animals are usually protected from predators and and disease as much as possible, and are fed regardless of drought, famine, fire, etc, the “survival” of a released individual is not guaranteed for any specific lengtyh of time. it is a jungle out there.

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    It really depends on the species and the area into which it is released. But, as the currently breeding population of Burmese pythons (yes, Burmese) in the Florida Everglades will attest, sometimes released animals do just fine. If an animal is released into a habitat somewhat like its original one, but without as much competition, you’re looking at a recipe for disaster. But if you released the same Burmese pythons that have invaded the Everglades somewhere in New England, they’d be dead come fall.

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