Can cap and trade programs help us with the recession?



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    The cap and trade program is viewed as a more democratic solution to regulating pollution than a carbon tax as it creates a commodity out of the right to emit carbon and allows the commodity to be traded on the free market.

    The leading legislative bills project a cap and trade system can reduce carbon dioxide by over 80% of 2005 emission levels by 2050 and significantly reduce the rate of global warming. The system will also create billions of dollars for the government to spend on consumer energy programs. Current bills have indicated that government revenues derived from permit sales could be spent on public goods such as road improvements and national parks, as well as the possibility of personal checks being sent to households to offset energy costs.

    Money will be created for our economy, as well as funding for public works. The will create jobs and help created a more opportunistic business atmosphere for individuals and their families (all while companies clean up their act).

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