can cactus cure swollen feet etc.

this is for my investigatory proj.



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    It depends on what type of cactus you are referring to. There are a few types of cacti that, when used appropriately, can have a diuretic effect and thus would help alleviate swelling in feet – However, if the swelling is due to an injury, a diuretic would be beneficial for this. As far as swelling due to fluid retention and long hours on your feet, a cacti with a diuretic nature may be able to help. 

    One cactus that has been found to have a diuretic effect, and has even been used as a tool in weight loss, is the cati nea, or prickly pear cactus fruit. It is said that this fruit can aid in weightloss, be used as a diuretic to help alleviate fluid retention, and is full of antioxidants.

    Another cactus that has been found to be helpful in the relief of fluid retention is cactus grandiflorus – more common names are vanilla cactus, large flowered cactus, sweet scented cactus, and night blooming cereus. This cactus helps increase the rate at which your body processes toxins and helps maintain proper fluid balance. However, if used incorrectly it can be quite dangerous. Improper use of this cactus can result in increased heart rate, heart failure, severe headaches, and other potential health threats.

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