Can a bunny survive with one ear?



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    More information needed:

    Survive in what environment?

    How was the ear lost? Birth defect? Trauma?

    If trama, any other injuries?, infection? was proper medical treatment given?

    If the “bunny” is domestic and is cared for properly including proper medical attention, there’s no reason why it cannot continue to live with one ear in a domestic environment —  just as a person can servive without an appendage (ear, hand, leg, etc) so can a “bunny”.

    If the “bunny” is a wild animal its survival might be compromised in the wild because it depends on its ears to “catch” sound and the absense of the large part of one ear might give it innacurate sound information and thus make it less able to detect predators and protect itself. However, that does not mean it can’t survive. There are also questions of how the ear was lost and how long ago —  presense of infection in a wound ect might compromise survival.

    In support of this opinion we cite common sense and logical thinking which, if employed by the questioner at the outset might have led him/her to the same answer.

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    Many domestic rabbits would most likely be fine with one ear, given of course that the rabbit was either born with it or was given proper and prompt medical treatment upon losing the ear.  Rabbits in the wild would be at a disadvantage, since they use their ears to pick up on sounds coming from multiple directions.  Without being able to properly assess the noises around them, wild rabbits with missing ears may be unable to detect predators until it is too late for them to make an escape.

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