Can black lung be treated?



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    Black lung, (also known as coal workers’ pneumonoconiosis, anthracosis, silicosis, and a few other names) is caused by long-term exposire to coal dust. It usually happens to coal miners. Unfortunately, there is no cure available for it. No specific treatment exists for the illness other than reducing one’s exposure to coal dust. Very bad cases of black lung lead to emphysema, heart enlargement, and other complications.

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    Black lung disease, or coal worker’s pneumoconiosis, has no cure short of a lung transplant.  The onset of the disease is a result of coal dust collecting in the lungs and not being able to be removed by either natural or artificial processes.  Treatments are targeted at lessening the severity of symptoms, such as inflammation, pain, and cough.

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    Black lung is a disease and the term “black lung” is a common name to describe lung disease that is developed from breathing in coal dust. The name was given to the disease because those who were inflicted did not have regular pink lungs but black diseased lungs. The disease is a type of pneumoconiosis. There are two types of pneumoconiosis. One, is known as the coal workers’ pneumoconiosis and the second, which is more complicated is known as progressive massive fibrosis.

    The cause of the disease is the accumulation coal dust in the lungs. The treatment of black lung involves symptomatic relief for improving the quality of life. The treatment options involve avoiding tobacco smoke, medication for coughing, weezing, asthma, etc, antibiotics, and avoiding coal dust and air pollutants, oxygen therapy. There is no cure but these treatments help those inflicted with the disease to live a relatively comfortable life.

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