Can biodiesel be made at a persons home?



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    Incredibly, yes.  While home production techniques vary in complexity, there are four fundamental components to making your own biodiesel: discarded cooking oil, methanol, lye, and water.  Several kits are available on the internet for making your own biodiesel, complete with fuel testing instruments in order to produce a more refined product.  Please be advised, there are safety precautions to consider when making your own biodiesel as the chemicals necessary can be hazardous.

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    My uncle has made his own biofuel from Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) and insists that WVO is quite different from biodiesel. While biodiesel and WVO are both biofuels, they are not, strictly speaking, the same thing. Biodiesel can be used in an unmodified diesel vehicle while WVO vehicles can be made by modifying a diesel car. WVO just needs to be filtered rather than going through the complex process that getwithrico described, so many people find converting their car to run on WVO a better option.

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