Can bicycle helmets be recycled? If so, where?



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    While most of what makes up a bike helmet is recyclable material, there isn’t a organization that I know of that takes in bike helmets. If it is still good, you can look into giving it to someone who needs one, or maybe take it to a thrift store. Hemets also make good pots for hanging plants, so if you know someone who does that they might want it.

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    Does it have styrofoam?  There are some places that have developed ways of recycling styrofoam, Portland, OR has a company that does.  But it’s still largely a practice that doesn’t take place.  If the helmet is both plastic and styrofoam, i would separate the two and try recycling the plastic piece at least.  If it’s numbered 1,2, or 6 it’s most likely recyclable.  If it’s 3,4,5, or 7 then it isn’t and other than finding a creative way to reuse it, your intentions are great but it can’t be recycled.  Keep that in mind when you buy a new one and check to see what materials it’s made from!

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