Can the bicycle ever be a common form of urban transportation in the US?



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    Bicycles can become very common forms of urban transportation if the environments they are used in are well planned out for bike usage.  An example would be a city implementing bike paths to major destinations such as parks and shopping centers.  Another feature would be allowing easy bike transport on public transit such as buses and trains.  Making urban areas safer for cyclists and encouraging bike use over automobile use would be another way to do this.  Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a great example of a city that implements many of these techniques and has a high population of bike enthusiasts. 

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    The bicycle can become a common form of urban transportation when it can go 60 miles per hour for hours on end without ever causing you to break a sweat while carrying 8 bags of groceries, a rocking chair, and 2 of your friends…all a fraction of the cost of one year’s salary.  People will revert to horse-drawn wagons, electric golf carts, or steam locomotives before they will ever make the bicycle a common form of urban transportation.

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