Can beef be organic?



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    Yes, it can.  Beef is considered organic if the bull is fed organic grains (no pesticides), are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, and are not genetically modified or cloned.  They are raised naturally and live a “healthy” lifestyle.

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    Sure can.  The key is to feed the cattle organic feed.  They are also not put in confined spaces and, generally, treated a little better.  Organic beef is considerably better for your health.

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    I have a great orginization for you to check out.  It is called the Food Animal Concerns Trust.  Here you can see an orginization that wants to bring safe healthy practices to all food animals.  Check out the website, you can sign a petition, donate, or just check out whats going on! 

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    Beef can be considered organic if it is raised without the use of hormones or growth stimulants.  Another factor not everyone thinks about, however, is how the cattle was raised.  If they aren’t brought up humanely, there is little significance to the organic label at all. 

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    Beef can be organic, but it’s still bad for the environment due to all the waste involved with growing food for slaughter animals, and the excrement the slaughter animals make, and all the water that gets wasted to raise a mere pound of beef.  So, “organic beef” is kind of a relative term.

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