Can art be used to spread green messages?



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    Yes, many artists use their work to spread green messages. Below is a link to a site that can guide you to different environmentally concerned artists’ pages.

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    It sure can.  Artists often create works to reflect certain ideas or themes.  Lately, environmentalism has been a huge theme.  A list of works and artists that focus on the environment is below.

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    I definitely think so. In fact, I think art is one of the most effective mediums to illustrate the drastic nature of our negative impact on the environment. In the case of global warming, for instance, I think because of the depth of information offered, it can sometimes be easy to get a little lost. Art can help deliver the essence of an environmental message in an easily accessible format.

    For instance, last year in London, a polar bear sculpture was commissioned to float down the Thames, to help draw people’s attention to the effects of climate change on the species’ disappearing habitat.


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    Art can ABSOLUTELY be used to spread green messages! I think it is one of the best mediums to do so, because one can not only exercise their creativity and be as free and honest as they wish, but they can also make their message more eye catching and interesting than an article and can be modified to target a specific audience.


    collaborative street art, Greenpeace and street artist Mark Jenkins, Washington DC. Meant to call attention to global warming and the disappearing habitat of polar bears. 



    Peter Gibson’s crosswalk painting to reject car culture. 



    Moss replaces spray paint. 

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