Can this be used on color treated hair?



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    I am going to take a wild guess here and say that you were either referring to a particular hair product, heating tool, or additional chemical treatments. If it was a hair product, most professional lines are color safe (unless they say clarifying). However if you have a very bright and vibrant color like bright red, purple, etc. I recommend going with professional styling products from an actual color line, try Aveda. If you are using heating tools like flat irons or curling irons, as long as you protect the hair with a leave in conditioner, flat iron, or curling iron spray, and do an occasional deep conditioning, you should be fine. Try Kenra’s products. Finally if you are considering getting additional chemical treatments, the best thing that you should do is get a professional consultation from a licensed hair stylist. But, if you are doing it yourself, additional coloring should be ok, but remember that color does not lift color. If you are going lighter, you will have to use bleach. Try Sally’s Beauty Supply for good do-it-yourself tips and remember to give the hair extra special treatments like protein and conditioning, and get regular haircuts when doing chemical services. Good Luck! 

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    Can you tell us what “this” is?

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    Color treated hair needs extra care! Like the previous answer said, give your hair extra special treatments like a deep conditioning, hot oil treatment, leave-in moisturizer. Washing your hair in cold water helps and remember to never brush your hair in the shower. If you are considering tweaking your hair color, remember to give your hair a break if the coloring was done recently. If you’re talking about a hair treatment product, always check the back and see if it mentions that color-treated hair should stay away. Not all products do that, however. It’s best to stick with products that are for color-treated hair if you are unsure. Check for reviews if you are interested in a product – it’s a great website that has tons of reviewers. Plus, on the reviews you get to see if the person has a similar hair type.

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