Can cars be powered by air?



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    In an abstract sense, yes…but in a literal sense, no.  The world isn’t quite ready for sailboat-cars yet, but we do have plenty of windmills that generate electricity, and if you have an all-electric car, and wind energy is available where you live, then you can charge the car with wind energy, and you would, effectively, have a car that is powered by air.

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    Cars can definitely be powered by air if you consider an electric car still a car. Moving air is what causes windmills to spin and generate electricity (by connecting a spinning shaft to a AC generator). So if you had enough windmills (you’d probably need like 10243 quadrillion) you could potential run all the cars in the world on just air! There has to be a better way though, right? Kasey is right…. but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be looking into re-employing the sail as a viable mode of travel… I’ve imagined floating tracks that run all the way across the atlantic that are basically automated sailboat guides (and they’d be optimized/ controlled by computer systems). There’s no reason why this couldn’t work if we weren’t so impatient and profits driven… in my estimation of the world, there are many, many, many, many better ways to be doing things, than we way we are doing them now (sailing huge tanker / cargo ships across the ocean and polluting the ocean/ atmosphere the whole entire way when the wind could just as easily carry the boat along itself!) — AND this could even work on land — just attach a kite-surfers kite to a guy on a skateboard and you’ve pretty much just made a car that requires no fuel (except for wind)… how realistic is this? Now, not very. In 25 years, we’ll be doing some pretty amazing (eco-friendly) things! Imagine combining these three systems: human power — wind — solar energy — how fast do you think you could make it go? 35 mph? 40? 50? 60?

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