Can education be the key to saving the environment?



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    It can be argued that education is the key to everything.  When people are properly informed they tend to make healthier decisions than when ignorant.  Obviously, this applies to the green movement as well.  Many organizations use a lot of man power in order to educate the public in the hope that this will effect both how people live and how they vote.

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    Absolutely.  Education is the silver bullet.  The more people know, they better are they able to not only act properly and positively, but they better they are to educate others. And yes, education is the key to everything.  All too often the roadblock to positive change, be it with the environment, health care, security etc, is ignorance and apathy.  When people choose not to try to understand something, they often grow to fear it, and then oppose it. Identifying the problem, knowing the solutions, and understanding how to act is the key to success.

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