can energy be created by using ocean waves?



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    Yes. Energy created from waves is called wave power. It harnesses the energy from the change in the height of water as waves move by. The amount of power that can be generated depends on wave height, speed, wavelength, etc.

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    It sure can be. Oxford scientists have been working with underwater turbines that collect tidal currents. The latest generation of the underwater turbines is called the Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine (THAWT). Basically, the cylindrical rotor within the turbine goes along with the flow of the water, as opposed to its predecessor which had the water going at 90 degree angles to the rotor. It is predicted that the THAWT will be able to produce 12 megawatts of energy (enough to power 12,000 family homes). In addition, the rotor moves slowly enough that the underwater ecology of the area is largely unharmed by the turbine’s presence.

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