Can bamboo clothing ever really take off?



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    I think so – absolutely. If there is a market for something, it has a pretty good chance at being successful. However, I think bamboo clothing has already established a good market, and there are quite a few suppliers out there. With environmental awareness raising at a steady rate, I expect bamboo clothing to do reasonably well in sales in the coming years. It is reasonably priced as well, which helps. 

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    Some people have questioned how green bamboo clothing really is. The process of transforming the fiber into a usable fabric is very intensive, and requires the use of toxic chemicals like sodium hydroxide. This chemical can cause skin burns and blindness for the people who are trying to break down the bamboo cells into the more pliable viscose. I think that these criticisms will keep bamboo clothing from ever becoming that popular.

    Personally, I have bought bamboo clothing in the past, and found it difficult to hold its shape for very long. The shirts went limp and the collars were flimsy. I also thought that it was very expensive. In my experience, I prefer hemp clothing.

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