can an armadillo right itself if it is on its back?



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    They can roll into balls and likely would be able to use some momentum to avoid getting stuck on their backs.  Additionally, they can float on their backs in streams and do not seem to have a danger of getting stuck.  Another cool defense mechanism the armadillo posses is its ability to jump.  When it senses a predator approaching it can jump up to 6ft in the air and will land on its feet and scurry in another direction.  However, they have poor eyesight and this mechanism doesn’t work well with cars and trucks.

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    Yes, armadillos can easily right themselves if they are on their back. The shape of their body is rounded and not flat like a turtle (which often has difficulties flipping over). Armadillos frequently roll around in on the ground and are able to get back on their feet quickly.

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