Can aquariums simulate natural ecosystems?



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    An aquarium can, and should, be modeled after a natural ecosystem.  This applies to small aquariums people may have at home as well as large public aquariums.  It is crucial that the creator of the aquarium does create it in a way that simulates the natural ecosystem of the fish in the aquarium in order for the organisms inside it to thrive.  This, of course, will look different for different breeds of fish, so you’ll have to do your research if you are creating your own aquarium.

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    As stated above, it can simulate an ecosystem, but it would still be nothing like a natural aquatic ecosystem.  In a true ecosystem, it could be left alone and all the species would survive without much trouble, though some would become food (all would become food eventually).  In aquariums, the fish would die off if humans did not constantly feed them and clean their tanks.

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