Can Aquaponics be used for large scale agriculture?



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    At this time there are only 5 “large scale”, meaning more than one acre, aquaponics farms in the world. Seeing how agriculture in the US alone consists of hundreds of farms with hundreds of acres each, aquaponics will not likely be the norm any time soon. Aquaponic farms are also quite delicate to maintain so they pose difficulties in growing really large.

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    The point that laram raises that aquaponics systems are quite delicate to maintain is very true. In typical soil based agriculture you have to maintain plant health through ammending the soil–which has a certain degree of life-giving nutrients in it already. But with soil-less plant cultivation, you the grower, has to provide the plant with every nutrient it needs. And then you add to this already delicate system, another bioloically complex system–growing fish. It doesn’t take much to get your ammonia levels to high or your nitrate levels too low. So , it seems impractical to scale up aquaponics to the size of most large-scale agriculture. But, I would also add that it does not seem desirable to me. What would be gained by increasing the size of a single operation? 

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