can anything with the triangle on plastic goods go in the brown bin



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    By “brown bin” I assume you mean the recycling bin (not every waste management company uses brown for recycling!). So, it’s not so much the triangle that counts, but the number INSIDE the triangle. These numbers indicate what kind of plastic the product is made out of (check out the link below for explanations of these numbers). Not all waste management companies/recycling centers will accept products with each number. For example, I remember the recycling company that my family used when I was younger didn’t accept #7 plastics.

    How do you find out what your waste management company/recycling center will accept? Contact them! Find their website, or call them. They probably get this question quite a lot, and are used to answering it for concerned customers like yourself.

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    Any product that has the classic recycle sing on the bottom is recyclable, however the number within the symbol will indicate which plastics can be placed on the curb so to speak. #1, 2, 5, and sometimes 6 can be placed in the curbside bin. All others can be recycled, but they need to be take to a place that specifically handles that kind of plastic. You see, not all plastics have the same melting point, so putting anything and everything together to melt and reuse wouldn’t work. That is why #1,2,3…plastics are recycled together. Their melting points are compatible. 

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