Can anyone use solar power?



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    In theory, yes. The only requirement is that the sun shines where you are. I don’t mean this faceciously, in the polar regions of the global the sun doesn’t shine for much of the winter. But for the vast majority of people solar is a viable option. Even if you don’t replace all your energy usage through solar at least a portion could be attained this way. An alternative to expensive photovoltaic panels is solar thermal units used only to heat water; it brings down the initial cost and reduces your energy bill. Still in the long run solar panels are the best option, especially in a sunny place, because you can even sell electricity back to the utility company if you have excess, thus paying for itself in saving and in cash.

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    Other uses of solar can be more passive, using passive design, including south-facing windows and deciduous trees. They will maximize shade in the summer and light exposure in the winter. Add to that large objects in the window that can store heat and light energy that penetrates the window, warming the object in the sunny hours and releasing that energy in the darker hours. Such objects could include a couch or other large piece of furniture. 

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