Can anyone tell me the effects of living in close proximity to a metal shredding facility?

I live in a 1 square mile borough where a scrap metal industry purchased 63 acres of waterfront property. They purchased a metal shredder ( Wendt Heavy 130) that is capable of shredding in excess of 400 tons per hour. Our community is already heavily burdened with indusry as we are 75% industry & 25% residential.
I’d like to know what we can expect in terms of quality of life & health issues.
Thank you!



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    Metal shredders, as a general rule, are actually not that bad, in terms of health issues, as they mostly use machinery to accomplish their goals.  In terms of quality of life, however, noise pollution can be a big issue.  Although, it sounds like you live in a neighborhood where that may just blend in to the background if 3/4 of the borough is industrial.

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