Can anyone, Idealy Maes, explain exactly how this new bike system will ” threaten our personal freedoms.”??? He seems to make a lot of claims but does not explain, Wish he gave some evidence or support to back up his claims.



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    That is a great question that I don’t think could rationally be explained by even Maes himself. However, I believe the key to his “argument” is the nexus between the B-Cycle bike rental program and an organization called “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” which describes itself as “an international association of local governments as well as national and regional local government organizations who have made a commitment to sustainable development.”

    Apparently, the ICLEI encourages cities to partake in sustainable policies, such as encouraging the bike rental program that Maes is so distrustful of.

    Maes, who doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, is accusing current Denver Mayor Hickenlooper of basically being anti-American because of Denver’s membership in the ICLEI and its acceptance of the B-Cycle program.

    To more directly answer your questions, I am guessing that Maes sees the bike program as threatening our “personal freedoms” because it is in-line with the ICLEI agenda of sustainability, and Maes views ICLEI with paranoid suspicion because it is an international organization.

    I know Maes was also questioned on these matters by the Denver Post, after he originally made these claims during a campaign rally. I think his statements to the Denver Post are actually where some of his kooky quotes originated from.

    Generally, I just think the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and will say the craziest paranoid crap imaginable to try to fire up his supporters.

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    Maes’ explanation would probably be that “international=U.N.”  There are a lot of extremely conservative people who think the United States should leave the U.N.  It’s a huge leap, but that’s what he was thinking.

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    I have to agree with Jeff, that Maes will embellish and say anything to rally support.

    As far as I can tell there is no tie between b-Cycle and ICLEI.

    ICLEI promotes the UN’s agenda 21 on developing countries. Agenda 21 is for developing countries, yet ICLEI is pushing its implementation it in the US. 

    Recently an ICLEI program on Green rating homes was presented to the Longmont Citycouncil. It was covertly presented –Iclei was not mentioned– it was presented as a novel grassroots idea, yet all of the ideas and even the graphics in the presentation were from ICLEI propaganda. Again Longmont is not a member of ICLEI.

    The gist of the program was that to sell a home it must pass a sustainability inspection. The desired effect is bring homes into greener status. But the expense of upgrading would simply push the price of homes up, or at worst take them out of the market. The result would just be more building, debt, and unsalable homes.

    Tiering utilities and common sense should be enough to get home owners to go green. Adding a bureaucratic step to the buy sell process will just hurt the market and put an artificial burden on homeowners.

    my 2¢

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