Can anyone explian what is actually Scrap Electronics Plastics?

Can reply me with description of such materials or products?



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    A circuit board is made up of a cobination of metal and plastic. While rare metals like gold, silver, and copper are used in the actual electronics, they are wedded to a board made of plastic, that keeps the weight down.

    I hope this helped!

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    Scrap Electronics plastics are the monitor and TV plastic covers which are flame retardant for safety.  The plastics also include printer and keyboard plastics. Together there are about 5 major plastic types in E-waste plastics. During the recycling process, which generally involves hand dismantling of units, the plastics are baled together much like a cardboard bale. But this is not recycling yet, as we have not made any new product. To actually make a new product, the 5 plastic types need to be separated, each to a purity of 95% from all the other types.  This is done in a plastics recycling process. Air bubbles attach to some conditioned plastic type and not others.  That type is then floated to produce a pure plastic of that type.  This can be done with all the 5 types.  At that point the pieces are rinsed and dried, and are called regrind molding compound.  At this point they can simply be remelted into any part shape, and thats the actual recycling.  Making a new part out of the old.   Little plastic is actually recycled from E-scrap.

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