Can anybody give me some ideas for how to re-use glass jars?

They’re not useful for canning.



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    I’ve reused glass jars easily and in many different ways. Decoratively, I’ve seen glass jars reused as candle or potpourri holders, or a nice way to display shells and sand. Depending on the size and shape, you can reuse them as drinking glasses or holders for spices or baking ingredients. However, my favorite, and in my opinion the most fun way to reuse a glass jar is to make a micro-ecosystem. You can recreate all different types of ecosystems and watch them thrive right on your kitchen counter. See examples here!

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    So many!

    • Re-use as food storage containers in the kitchen
    • Add labels and use as bath accessories in the bathroom
    • Spray paint the outside (inside too if you want) and use as decorative vases for flowers (this of course can be done w/o the spraypaint)
    • For smaller, stout glasses (or tall, slenders ones too!) use as glasses to serve drinks in at a cookout or family dinner
    • Use as organizational and storage containers and store buttons, safety pins, pencils, erasers, paper clips, etc.
    • Candle holders?  I think so! 
    • Smaller jars can be used to hold spices
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    I’ve seen people use old mason jars to make light fixtures.  I’ve never made one myself, but I think they look really neat – very vintage-y.  They don’t sound very difficult to make and many hardware stores and perhaps even art supplies stores carry lamp-making kits.  You can even paint the jars to give the lamps a cool tint.  

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    I use old jars and cans to keep change and small bills in to forget about them. Keeping one on the dresser makes it easy to toss cash in there when you empty your pockets at night, and putting a tiny bit in everyday adds up fast. I’ve also put sand or tiny rocks in them and used them as incense holders. I think kateagardella’s micro-ecosystem idea sounds the coolest though.

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      Now why didn’t I think of that? I enjoy the smell of incense, but I never considered using glass jars to put it in. Thanks, and God bless you, fellow recycler!

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    Glass jars can also be used for various arts and craft type things. If you have children around, they can fill glass jars with different colored sand or decorate them with paint and fill them with their toys. Children can even make a bank or coin holder out of a glass jar. 

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    Wine bottle lights are really pretty and relatively easy to make. Glass jars can be used to hold herbs and spices, or you can make your own jams. You can use them to hold different coins and set that money aside for something special. You can fill the jars with water and food coloring and put them on a windowsill so when light shines through, they illuminate a room in different colors. 

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      I love this idea! I can always go for unusual containers for jam. Thanks very much! God bless you, and thanks for being a fellow recycler.

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