Can any two dogs breed?



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    Since dogs are all the same species–actually, they are all considered a subspecies of wolf–any male and female dog can technically interbreed and produce viable offspring. However, there are certain pairings that no responsible breeder would attempt. For example, a Great Dane and a Chihuahua would never voluntarily breed, and it would be physically difficult for fertilization to even take place. And if artificial insemination were used to create a hybrid, the Great Dane would have to be the female, since it would kill a Chihuahua to become pregnant with such large babies.

    Similarly, two closely related individuals generally should not mate. However, this is how many older breeds were first created: the most desirable offspring in a litter were mated back with their parents. Therefore, inbreeding and the resultant genetic disorders are a more frequent problem in purebred dogs.

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    Any two dogs can breed, in the sense that they have compatible sex cells that can combine and result in fertile off spring. Although a Great Dane and Chihuahua may not physically be able to mate due to the size difference. In addition, like a petite woman carrying the child of a tall man, the fetus will not grow past a size that the woman’s womb will allow. A female Chihuahua could certainly carry half-Great Dane puppies. They won’t grow to dwarf the Chihuahua until after birth. However, as is common with purebred bulldogs, a C-section may be required.

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    Yes, they should.  Dogs are all in the same species, despite breed differences.  Size may make mating difficult among some breeds, but if any two dogs are able to mate, they should be able to breed.

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