can any one adopt a wild animal and keep it in their home?

like a cheetah, african wild dog, koala, or a aye aye.



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    No, unless you have a license to own the animals. It’s fairly easy to obtain, as it is typically an application and a fee. However, this varies by state. However, the animals you listed, save for the aye aye are all fairly dangerous to have, and will take a huge amount of responsibility and care (and expense), which most people can’t give.

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    It is very difficult to keep a wild animal. Legally, you must have permits and likely have your home inspected to make sure it is suitable. You must have proper training to take care of the animal and you must fully understand what the animal needs for shelter, food, vitamins, etc. and this is often not known for wild animals. Many wild animals carry diseases that are bad for us or your pets. Many wild animals are mean or ill-tempered because they are not accustomed to humans.

    Finally, consider that the animal is supposed to live in the wild. Its quality of life will be much better if you leave it alone to live in nature. You can visit natural areas and observe the wild animals in their natural lives.

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