Can animals sense floods coming?



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    Yes, it is known that animals are able to hear and feel things humans simply cannot due to sensory abilities far beyond ours. It has been proven through research, that animals like snakes, can detect earthquakes in advance. 

    There has also been stories in Sri Lanka and Thailand of elephants running for the hills up to an hour before the tsunami bore down on the coast, wiping out entire villages and killing up to 150,000 people, back in 2005

    And elephants weren’t the only animals seen turning away from the shore before the tsunami hit. Birds, monkeys, dogs and other creatures were all reportedly acting differently on the morning before the tsunami.

    Scientist think geographic upheavals create low-frequency sounds that are not audible to us, but for certain animals, they can absorb the sound waves and hear a disaster coming.

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    It’s a little strong to say that it is proven that animals can detect earthquakes in advance. Observations of interesting pre-quake animal behavior exist.

    From the US Geological Survey site in the link: “Changes in animal behavior cannot be used to predict earthquakes. Even though there have been documented cases of unusual animal behavior prior to earthquakes, a reproducible connection between a specific behavior and the occurrence of an earthquake has not been made. Because of their finely tuned senses, animals can often feel the earthquake at its earliest stages before the humans around it can. This feeds the myth that the animal knew the earthquake was coming. But animals also change their behavior for many reasons, and given that an earthquake can shake millions of people, it is likely that a few of their pets will, by chance, be acting strangely before an earthquake.”


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