Can animals and livestock be genetically modified?



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    Yes, and many are already being genetically modified by introducing “desirable traits” into the DNA of animals.  For instance, scientists might modify chicken DNA to increase production of protein that is helpful for humans or they might modify cow DNA to be resistant to Mad Cow Disease.


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    It can be done and has been done. Last month, scientists in China inserted human DNA into cow embryos with the intent of creating cows that created human breast milk. The resulting cows produce milk that contain vitamins, antibodies, and other nutrients found within human breast milk, but has a sweeter and stronger taste. This milk is 80% identitcal to human breast milk.

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    Yes, salmon are another species that have been genetically modified into “Frankenfish” with the idea that they can be bred in captivity and help prevent overfishing. Yet, there are many dangers if the breed can escape into wild nature, and it is unnerving because so little is known about GMOs, even though nothing harmful to humans has yet to be found. 

    Here’s a link to a GreenAnswers thread about genetically modified salmon:

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