Can animal byproducts be turned into energy?



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    Yes, actually. The process of burning manure for heat and energy has been in use for centuries. The reason is that manure is about 55 percent methane, which is combustible. According to a recent report by the department of Food and Agriculture, one cow in one year can produce enough manure to match the fuel provided by about 53 U.S. gallons of gasoline. Considering that there are over 1 billion cows in the world, this certain seems like a copious source of energy.

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    Animal byproducts can also be converted into more conventional fuels. For instance, there is a pilot plant that uses a process known as thermal depolymerization which converts turkey slaughterhouse waste into a high quality fuel oil. This process could also theoretically be used to convert other waste products into hydrocarbon fuels. However, this process is far from perfected. And the plant which uses turkey waste must compete with rendering plants for the waste (which is FAR more desirable industrially than you might think). However, this process has ALOT of potental if the bugs can be worked out.

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