Can and if so how do I transform a one gallon fish tank into a minature compost bin?

In my efforts to conserve water I have come to the conclusion not to have fish, the tank is clear and plastic, cylinder shape.



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    Sure you can! It’ll take a bit of creativity, and the purchase of a few materials, but you can probably make your container work. Follow the instructions on this site, and compost away!

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    The volume is too small, and it has no drainage.  Liquid from rotting vegetables will pool in the bottom and it will stink.  If you drained the liquid off every once in a while with a turkey baster (dilute half and half with water and use as house plant fertilizer) you could possibly use it for worm composting, as long as you don’t seal the top, but it’s way too small for composting.  

    Size matters in composting.  There has to be enough mass to hold in heat generated by the middle of the pile.  Ventilation is also important. Since this cylindrical container is sealed on all sides except the top, air exchange will be minimal, and composting will be slow, with the potential to go anaerobic at any time.  

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