Can all the toxic minerals we mine from the earth be safely contained or re-absorbed into the soil?



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    Yes all the toxic mineral we mine from the earth can be safely contained/re-absorbed into the soil. The word ‘mine’ means it has been removed from its original environment i.e the soil, rocks etc. Hence, those minerals will always be safe when they are disposed back into the soil. The only problem encountered would be if a large amount of toxic mineral would be dumped or disposed into water bodies. Digging a pit and then disposing these minerals in that would be completel safe.

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    If it was toxic when it came out of the mine, it is toxic in the soil you’d put it in. From the point of view of planet earth, sure, it will be absorbed and redistributed over geologic time. That’s not the same as safe at all times, on human scales. You cannot simply “dig a pit” and dispose of stuff – even if not toxic when you put it there, it could react with water or other things to become toxic. Take simple, common non-toxic pyrite (iron sulfide), smash it up in mining, put the pieces and powder in a hole, and natural rain water and ground water will react with it to make sulfuric acid.

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