Is California the only state to do the rolling blackouts?



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    In April of 2006, Texas had some rolling blackouts implemented by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. This utility controlled 80% of Texas’ electric grid at the time. Around 15% of its electrical grid is offline for maintenance in the spring in order to prepare it for the demand caused by warm summer temperatures. However, unseasonably warm temperatures that year had put a strain on the system, forcing areas to have rolling blackouts for up to 15 minutes.

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    Some East Coast states like New York and New Jersey have implemented rolling “brownouts” during power emergencies.  Rather than completely cutting off the power supply to certain consumers, the voltage is reduced by a certain percentage.  The result is a dimming of incandescent lights and reduced performance of some electrically operated devices.  The point is the same as with blackouts, to help the power grid sustain overall power use. 

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