Is California the only place that grows dates?



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    The date palm is native to Iraq, and can presently be found in pockets throughout North Africa and the Middle East. It has made it’s way to Spain and if farmed throughout these areas as well as in other hot, dry climates found within North America, such as California and Arizona. Iran ranks #1 in date production.

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    Depending on the type of date, date palms are grown in different regions as aforementioned. The main requirements to grow date palms is plenty of sun (dates do not grow in shady areas) and plenty of heat (at least 64 degree farenheit). Though they can tolerate droughts, there is a high water requirement for more fruit bearing potential. The soil needs to be heavy with ample aeration and drainage. Salininty to a small degree is okay. For the most part, if the climate meets these requirements, date palms should do fine.

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