Is California doing the best job of becoming a green state?



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    California is not counted amongst even the top ten green states (Vermont, Oregon and Washington are the top three.) These states made it to the top by having cleaner water and lower emissions than the rest. 

    California is the leading state in renewable energy and is counted the most energy efficient state by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

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    Yeah it really depends on how you define green. I personally put a considerable amount of stock into renewable energy, and believe that California’s production of it benefits not only itself, but also other states around the country, so it would certainly be high up on my list of “greenest” cities. 

    However, California has also made the best use of claiming stimulus money to fund new projects and jobs, so perhaps it is on other states representatives to better position themselves to receive federal funding so they too can become “greener”

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