Is Cal Berkeley considered a green campus?



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    UC Berkley is absolutely considered a green campus. They are one of the leading institutes in the country for green research and are home to the Green Building Research Center- designed to promote sustainable operations and building around the Berkley campus. They also have an office of sustainability that recognizes departments around the campus making extra green initiatives. It provides checklists and recommendations of ways to be more green around the campus. Universities do not get much more environmentally friendly than UC Berkley. 

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    Universities don’t get much greener than UC Berkeley, but I would argue that UC Davis is definitely in the running. The main UC Davis campus is completely closed to private motorized vehicles, meaning that only buses, emergency vehicles, and vehicles with special permits can access the campus. This means that most students ride their bicycles around campus. I’ve been to the UC Berkeley campus, and they are more bicycle-friendly than most universities, but UC Davis takes the cake in terms of it use of non-motorized transportation. Davis is also known as the bicycling capitol of America.

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