is caffeine or nicotine worse for your body?



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    Neither of them are any good to you, that is for sure. Caffeine adds fatty acids to you blood stream, stimulates your nervous system, and raises your blood pressure. Even with all of that, I believe nicotine is worse for your body. The carcinogenic effects that come along with nicotine in its many forms far outweigh a little sugar or fat that comes with caffeine. Also, it takes caffeine about 8 hours to get out of your body, while nicotine will stick around for up to 4 days.  

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    Some interesting caffeine vs nicotine facts:

    -60 mg of nicotine on a 160 lb human’s tongue will kill them

    -10,000 mg of caffeine are required to kill a human of the same stature

    -this means that nicotine is 166 times more deadly to humans than caffeine

    -what’s worse is that nicotine isn’t the deadliest thing in cigarettes

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