Is buying local food really the greenest way to go?



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    Yes! By buying locally, we supporting local farmers, and therefore our immediate economy. Also, the less demand there is for distant manufacturers/farmers, the more gas we conserve, and the less CO2 emitted!

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    One way to save the planet while saving your wallet is growing your own vegetables. Some tips in getting started are: stop spraying pesticides in your yard, pick a spot in your yard that gets sun all year long, start removing any debris like rocks in the way, cover the area with organic materials like leaves, dried grass and fine plant materials, lay down a layer of compost or sweet smelling soil (found under forest trees) on your gardening area, use a shovel to mix-up 3 inches of soil and organic materials, keep soil damp, plant vegetables in 4″ pots into the ground, and finally begin composting so you will have perfect soil for your garden. Not enough space for a full garden? The Huffington Post recommends joining a community garden, growing herbs indoors, or participating in a Community Supported Agriculture.

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