Is buying in bulk better for the environment than not buying in bulk?



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    Yes, buying in bulk is better for the environment.  If you shop at bulk, discount stores like CostCo or Sam’s, you are buying items that generally have less packaging.  Less packaging means less trash on our Earth. 

    If you shop at bulk sections of grocery stores (example pictured below), you purchase bulk spices, beans, flour, etc., and put them in reusable containers at home.  This is even better than bulk packaging at CostCo or Sam’s because there is even less packaging in these types of bulk items.

    Bulk grocery foods

    Buying in bulk can also be better for the environment because you make less trips to the store, using less gas, and putting less polutants into the air.

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    Buying in bulk is generally considered better for the environment, because as eileenmaki mentioned, you often use less packaging and therefore are polluting the earth with fewer trash items.  

    That being said, sometimes shopping at bulk discount stores like Cosco and Sam’s Club are not necessarily the best routes to go in terms of bulk items and reducing the amount of packaging material (aka, trash) you’re using.  Often times there are many items packaged together so you’re buying say 4 boxes of cereal, but then they’re saran wrapped all together.  So in reality you are still buying 4 boxes of cereal (and all the normal packaging that comes with that) but then you have the added waste of the saran wrap around the outside that you wouldn’t have if you just bought 4 boxes of cereal. 

    Also, when you shop at the open bulk section in stores (often in places like Whole Foods Market), you need to use a plastic bag and plastic key tag (in order to mark what you took).  Although this may be less packaging than if purchased from a box, depending on how many items you purchase from the open bulk section, those plastic baggies can add up, leading to more trash and waste.


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