Is burning trash in a public area bad for the environment?



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    Yes. Burning trash has the potential to release numerous toxic fumes into the air and produces large amounts of smoke bad for humans and the environment alike. When things like plastics, rubbers, styrofoam and building materials are burned, all of the chemicals that are used to produce these products are released in to the air through smoke and vapors. This waste often contains particulate matter or small pieces of the material that can contaminate water, food and air as well as have health impacts on humans and animals alike. Trash burning is illegal in many areas and is discouraged a majority of the time. 

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    Trash burning is dangerous to human health and the environment. The problems they can cause in people are heart disease, asthma, emphysema, headaches, and cancer. Children are especially at risk because they absorb six times as much pollution than adults. Kids’ lungs are especially at risk and so are their immune systems, which are not fully developed. People who burn trash are subject to fines up to $500 as well as community service like roadside clean up. If trash burners do not pay their fines their license will be suspended for ten days and they will lose thier hunting and fishing license for a year. 

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