Bugs are eating my morning glories. How do I keep them away?

The bugs are very small and I can’t tell what is eating the leaves. Also the plant isn’t getting enough sun where I planted them and are growing slowly. Is there anything I can do to help the process?



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    For the bugs, you should buy some non-toxic, organic bug repellent and spray down the flowers and their leaves. There are many different kinds of small bugs that could be eating your flowers. For your problem with sunlight, there is no cure except to dig up the flowers and move them to a sunnier spot.

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    Here is a forum discussing some possible pests for morning glories.  Take a look at the pictures and see if that is what yours look like.  After speculation of possible earwigs, grasshoppers and bees the poster whose morning glories were being eaten settled on the tortoise beetle.  I think the first thing to do is to figure out what it is that is eating it and then look for a natural remedy to control that pest.  Try looking early in the morning or later at night to see if you can spot the culprit in action. 

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    Small insects called aphids are common pests that feed on a variety of plants, including morning glories.  Aphids proliferate quickly, but their population can be controlled by natural predators including birds, certain wasps, and lady beetles. 

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