Is a buffet better than individual orders?



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    Buffets can be a better option for people who like to eat a lot but don’t want to order individual portions because they can be too expensive (and maybe too small!). However, the really cheap buffets may not provide great quality foods, so check it out before you sit down and pay. Is there a good one in your area? Once in a while it’s a great way to have fun, try a variety of things, and eat a lot for less.

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    People tend to take more than they can eat when they go to a buffet. They grab a plate or two and pile everything on. Individual orders can also be too large, depending on the restaurant’s choice of portion sizing. Both buffets and individual orders can be wasteful, but I think buffets have more potential for feeding people to the correct amount by giving the possibility for taking just the right portion size for your body. Some buffets charge extra for patrons who leave their plate a third full of food leftovers. Policies like this will make people think more about how much food they can eat, and this thinking part is what could make buffets better.

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